Design practices used in website

There are many brands which follow design best practices however apple is one brand that sets the design practices. It is known for their beautifully designed  and highly popular products. Their website is a store front for most of the apple products and just like their products their website is also highly popular. It is considered one of the most usable and aesthetically pleasing website. Here we are going to review why has such a huge fan following and what kind of emotional traits the website design focuses on.

Make users feel relaxed:
Apple understands that the users who buy their products are looking for classy and highly usable products. Apple users do not want a lot of customization but want something that just works. Similarly their homepage design is minimal yet very informative. They make sure to use few words to help users understand their message and then lead to different sections with additional details. The result of this no clutter approach is that users feel relaxed while browsing the website and even a non tech savvy person can feel like he can find required information from the website without getting lost in the sea of information. Thus apple rightfully caters to the end users keeping in mind that when users are presented to complex information, it is essential to support them so that it is easy for them to understand and without them being intimidating.

Not just delight but make users wow:
Apple wants to not only make their users happy but also deeply impact them, no wonder they have a cult like following among apple product users. In the site they catch people’s attention by using stunning, high quality product images. These images mesmerize the users and evoke a strong desire in them to buy the product and experience it in real. This strategy pays off well for apple because users are not focused on the price but on the product itself and its features and build quality. Apple usually places their product image on a contrasting background. It has been proven that human mind loves contrasting objects. Thus putting a really sleek shiny black iPhone on top of a crisp white background just hypnotizes people on the product. This way apple has successfully been catching people’s attention by understanding and catering to human emotions.

Be bold and take a stand:
Most brands try to be accommodating while apple does the opposite. It understands that it can not caters to every type of customer thus apple presents itself as a brand with a strong identity. Throughout the website you see strong and bold headlines declaring what apple stands for and how superior their products are compared to rest. This strategy makes people either like them or dislike them but nonetheless people are unable to ignore the brand. It is a very effective strategy which leaves people thinking about the brand even after they have stopped browsing the site. This sort of approach coaxes people into making irrational decisions like buying an overpriced device but still feeling satisfied.

In addition to above, apple also has used other clever design techniques to evoke strong emotional responses from the user’s browsing their website. Using big action buttons lead you to either buy or download from their website. The overall feel of the site looks more like a classy art store rather than an electronic ecommerce website. Easy navigation and well defined content blocks also add to the usability of the website.In concusion is an interesting case study for understanding how to capture hearts and minds of the users.

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