Pingify : Real time social media notifications on Google Chrome

Pingify :

Real time social media notifications on Google Chrome

A chrome addon that notifies any new update on any of the opened social media tab and allows to quickly switch to it. Currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

* Allows to check realtime social media updates without leaving the current tab
* Makes it easy to quickly switch to the tab you are interested in, from any window

* Supports facebook, twitter, Linkedin
* Realtime and fast updates
* Ability to quickly switch between tabs
* Supports multiple windows and multiple tabs
* Does not need any sensitive data, password etc
* Low on memory consuption


Google Chrome Store
Combined Notifications
Expanded View
Normal view

popup.js: script that gets activated when user clicks the pingify icon in the toolbar
background.js : acts like a modal and performs ajax listening and title value calcualtion
popup.html: html for popup UI
manifest.json : configuration file as per Google chrome recommendations

Please see the attached issue tracker at

credits :
Icon files :
Google Chrome API :

Piyush Tripathi @ Texas A&M University

Support Gmail, Whatsapp and many other social media sites
Allow any tab to be pingified

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