LazyTabs : Tabs for lazy people

Quickly select,delete and switch tabs

Are you?

Tired of switching between multiple chrome windows & tabs Tired of deleting one tab at a time Tired of slow, sluggish chrome

With LazyTabs you can:

  • in 1 click switch between tabs across many windows
  • in 1 click Delete multiple tabs once
  • in few clicks make chrome run faster


  • Multi Tab switcher
  • Multi tab select and delete
  • Easy, fast and free
  • Does not require/store any private data

How to:

  • Open: Alt + O Select Tab(s) : Click Left Mouse Button OR press Up/Down Open
  • Tab : Click Open OR press Enter key Close Tab(s) : Click Close Tabs OR press
  • Delete key Select All/None : Click Select All OR press Ctrl+A key Select
  • Multiple Tab(s) : Press Shift key


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