Basics of Amazon Web Services(AWS)
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Basics of Amazon Web Services(AWS)

2019, Sep 12    


This post has short information about various components of Amazon Web Services


So that you could quickly lookup what each services does without going into details


AWS Terms:

  • AWS management console web interface to manage stuff
  • EC2 virtual server where software can be installed
  • BeanStalk upload code and run website automatically
  • VPC virtual private cloud, simulates network virtually
  • Direct connect connect company‚Äôs data center to AWS
  • Route 53 highly available DNS web service
  • S3 highly availble and cheap storage, can store anyting
  • Glacier storage for data archive or backup
  • CloudFront CDN localized
  • RDS relational db
  • DynamoDb noSQL db
  • Redshift data warehouse for reporting
  • ElastiCache in memory cache
  • CloudWatch monitoring service for alerts,metrics
  • CloudFormation terraform like Paas Service
  • CloudTrail logging for API requests
  • Config logs config settings for AWS
  • IAM identity management and auth
  • KMS key management systems, encryption
  • SNS simple notification, pub sub on cloud
  • SES simple email
  • SQS simple queue service, message queue bus
  • Regions geographic region with a cluster of data centers
  • Zones one of more data center in a region
  • Regions (R1,R2..) > Zones (Z1, Z2,..) provide isolation & no single point of failure